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Mitigation and Restoration Contractors

Pat Harmon founded IMACC and pioneered ClearClaim*. With decades of experience managing claims and contractors, and the software solution that makes it easy, IMACC delivers verifiable transparency, consistency, uniformity, accountability and industry leading customer service.

Our Teamwork and Dedication

is guaranteed by a 5-year WARRANTY on all reconstruction-- backed by StrucSure Home Warranty and Lloyd’s of London .

While IMACC continues to demand among the highest documentation standards in the industry, we are not satisfied. Our ability to analyze every detail of the service process enables our client insurers to adjust to tumultuous industry forces and stay on course for growth and development. This teamwork creates an efficiency that reduces loss costs and severity, while measurably improving the claim experience for policyholders. The next updated version of ClearClaim will widen the gap between us and our competition.

IMACC believes in excellence, honesty, integrity, transparency, and responsibility in everything we do. We instill these values in our team and promote them to our Network of contractors. It is our opinion that only by exercising these values, can sustainable success be achieved.

IMACC has your BACK

With IMACC, you’re not alone with your contractor. Have a problem? Not completely satisfied? If so, call IMACC. We use transparency to hold our contractors accountable and will mediate any property owner-contractor dispute.

Pat Harmon- CEO IMACC


President and CEO

Pat Harmon has been an innovator in the insurance and restoration industries for more than four decades. His extensive background as an adjuster, restoration contractor, home-office claims manager, and AVP at the world's largest claims trade association gives him experience and perspective virtually unmatched in the industry.

It was while collaborating with claims executives from the nation’s top insurers that Harmon recognized the impact of the industry's centralization of its claims operations. The shift from in-person field claim adjusting to remotely desk adjusting more than 90% of all property claims stimulated a series of unintended consequences. At the same time, the restoration industry went through a period of unprecedented growth in the number of specialized and dedicated services. The age of the handyman, general contractor, or local cleaners performing repairs as directed by a field adjuster ended. In its place was a plethora of new companies, rapidly changing standards, and alleged experts challenging the procedural norm. 

Loss severity skyrocketed far in excess of inflation. Insurance rates followed. It was time for a wake-up call. Consumerism and the new-found ease of shopping for insurance started driving the need to accurately micro-manage claims, just like in the old days, only the rules had profoundly changed. 

As local claims offices disappeared, Harmon foresaw the industry’s need for accountable, quality contractors in local markets and how those same local quality leaders were struggling to market themselves to national brands, necessitating the need for a better way to select and manage a restoration contractor.

In 2003, Harmon was approached after a speaking engagement by a group of independent contractors who believed they provided the best services in their respective markets. They sought a way to compete with national brands capable of marketing with claim’s directors and senior claim’s officers.

Harmon launched the IMACC Network of best-in-the-business companies in 2006. The launch coincided with the introduction of state-of-the-art technology software ClearClaim that brought a new level of transparency and service documentation to the industry. The IMACC network has now grown to more than 400 members nationwide.