Intuitive, Secure, and Robust

Get the ClearClaim advantage with our award-winning on-line technology that is accessible when you need it most

ClearClaim is on the Cloud

Whether you experience a natural disaster, a power failure or some other crisis or calamity, don’t worry about your data. Because IMACC’s ClearClaim calls Microsoft Cloud home, data is backed up, secure and easily accessible even if the worst happens, allowing members unlimited access to conduct business as usual while minimizing loss of productivity. Storing information in the cloud gives ClearClaim virtually unlimited storage capacity and the ability to increase or decrease operation and storage quickly, allowing flexibility as needs change.

ClearClaim is Secure

ClearClaim encrypts sensitive information sent to us and decrypts it when we return it to your browser. It's impossible for any data to be seen by others unless it is secured by an SSL Certificate.

ClearClaim is Always Improving

Currently we have exclusive dashboards for our contractors, adjusters and claims managers who are ClearClaim users. IMACC’s IT Division is ALWAYS working on creating more dynamic and customizable reports that will make the jobs of members easier!



ClearClaim is a user-friendly, web-based platform that is superior to other software used by restoration contractors.
Mark Camaj -- Partner, Midpoint Construction & Restoration