the CALM after the
STORM for Insurers

IMACC services make adjusting easy and are FREE to insurers. The transparency we deliver means no hidden costs, surprises, or unexpected expenses and comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

Industry's Highest Standards

IMACC contractors vow to:

  • Deliver remarkable service that reinforces policyholder loyalty and promotes active word-of-mouth referrals directly to your agents.
  • Eliminate problem claims and repetitive tasks on each and every claim via IMACC’s ClearClaim software, allowing insurers to spend more time nurturing policyholders.
  • Manage estimates to the most-minute detail and deliver it to insurers’ desktops in near-real time. Simply "click and drag" documentation into your electronic file to have a superbly documented claim.


NOT ONLY do we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty backed by StrucSure Home Warranty and Lloyd’s of London but with IMACC you’re not ALONE with your contractor. Having a problem? We hold your contractor ACCOUNTABLE and are only a phone call away.

Putting the Policyholder at Ease

IMACC Members know TIME is of the ESSENCE and promise to EARN the RESPECT of your policyholders and put them AT EASE by:

  • Ensuring assistance is available 24/7/365.
  • Contacting policyholders within 30 minutes of receiving a claim or referral.
  • Arriving on-site within two hours unless otherwise requested.
  • Securing and posting signed work authorization within 24 hours.
  • Risk, damage and point-of-origin photos posted within 24 hours.
  • Initial moisture readings as standardized by IICRC posted within 24 hours.
  • Delivering initial mitigation Xactimate-27 estimate within 48 hours with special issues or unanticipated problems reported to adjuster immediately thereafter.
  • Notifying insurers immediately of unexpected severity loss, including supporting photographic documentation, if loss is anticipated to be in excess of $10,000.
  • Reporting final moisture readings as evidence of successful mediation.
  • Filing photos of finished work within 24 hours of completion.
  • Posting final Xactimate-27 estimates, signed certificate of satisfaction and final invoice within 24 hours of completion.
  • Sharing customer service survey within 15 days of closure of claim.
  • Mediating issues between contractors, property owners and adjusters with impartiality.
  • Providing coverage against unsatisfied and enforceable liens from suppliers and sub-contractors up to $10,000 on jobs dispatched by IMACC under service contract with our insurer clients. (IMACC Contractor must receive payment in full to activate this coverage).

With the IMACC Network of Contractors and ClearClaim, insurers SEE what policyholders are experiencing. Knowing they have an agent overseeing their claim adds to their CONFIDENCE and can lead to referrals that could double your sales!

IMACC contractors must:

  • Undergo extensive background checks and be certified, insured and licensed.
  • Agree to charge NO hidden costs or fees.
  • Offer policyholders 5-year warranty on all reconstruction-- backed by StrucSure Home Warranty and Lloyd’s of London.
  • Send only clearly branded vehicles and uniformed employees with photo ID badges to work sites.
  • Ensure front-line employees, manager and owners are professionally certified.
  • Ensure key employees pass Subrogation I and II training to protect your company from product malfunctions, improper installations or non-property owner negligence.
  • Have corporate and D.B.A. filings.
  • Possess Internet-enabled computing systems.
  • Continually train and develop technical staff to ensure only certified technicians are on job.
  • Undergo IMACC Documentation Training.
  • Use Xactimate 27 or a newer edition estimating and pricing system.
  • Undergo peer reviews.
  • Produce a minimum four verifiable references --- two from insurers, two from property owners.
  • Continually verify compliance with all federal and state employment laws.
  • Maintain a minimum of $2 million CGL policy covering all employees, vehicles, equipment and operators.

Providing performance evaluation services in the field of property damage restoration for insurance companies and their insureds.