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IMACC Joins Naperville Chamber of Commerce

IMACC is proud to announce that it has joined the Chamber of Commerce in Naperville, Illinois, where The Network of Choice for mitigation contractors has been based since its inception in 2004.

Located in Chicago’s far-western suburbs, Naperville has a population of approximately 141,000 and was voted the second best place to live in the nation by Money Magazine in 2006, the best place for early retirement by (begin ital) Kiplinger (end ital) in 2013 and one of the “safest” cities in the country by (begin ital) USA Today (end ital).

Founded in 1913, the Naperville Chamber of Commerce boasts 13,000 members and is one of only a handful of five-star accredited chambers in the country.

“IMACC is a big believer in the value and importance of being headquartered in Naperville, which provides an amazing resource of great people and businesses,” said IMACC President and CEO Pat Harmon. “We look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our relationships here through our membership in the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.”

IMACC has joined the Northern Illinois chapter of Business Network International

IMACC President and CEO Pat Harmon has announced that IMACC has joined the Northern Illinois chapter of Business Network International, an organization with the mission of helping members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional “word-of-mouth” program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

“Our intention is to work closely with this referral-based group to get our name out in the community and help our already growing business grow some more,” IMACC Membership Services Manager Laura Wistrand said.

BNI membership is similar to having dozens of sales people working for your company because members carry the business cards of fellow members to distribute when they recommend your products or services to someone who needs them.

Membership is based on the philosophy of by giving business to others you will receive business in return.

BMI produced 6.6 million referrals in 2015 which generated more than $8.6 billion in business for members.

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